The parent organization of the Neighborhood Associations
and Block Watches of Meriden, Ct.   

A neighborhood association is a bonding of residents (homeowners, tenants, landlords and even business people)
who have a common goal, to improve and maintain their quality of life. Neighborhood associations were formed in
the mid 1990's when Meriden, like other communities, had a growing gang violence problem.  Our Police Chief
Robert Kosienski(ret.) embarked on a new federally funded program called Community Policing. The neighborhood
associations were founded in the mid 1990s and successfully expanded the number of associations to a high of 32
by the year 2000. Working together the citizens of Meriden turned the city around through this grass roots concept
of taking control of their own streets.  Meriden is proud to say that their citizens have an active role in maintaining
their own quality of
                                                                Our Mission Statement

                        Our goal is to  improve and maintain the Quality of Life for all citizens of Meriden
                            through partnerships with the Meriden Police Dept. and the City of Meriden.

By developing Safe Neighborhoods through these partnerships:
  • Our children have safe and healthy environments to live, play and grow.
  • Residents and especially the elderly can live without fear of crime.
  • Blighted neighborhoods can be revitalized.
  • Neighbors will look after one another and take control of their streets.
  • Streets will be kept clean and green.
  • Gang prevention will be a cooperative venture between all parties.
  • Children will regard Police and Fire as friends not foes