Meriden Police Department
For a complete list of all MPD personnel please visit the City of Meriden's website:

Command Staff
Chief Jeffry Cossette                 630-6308  
Deputy Chief Tim Topulos          630-6307  
Deputy Chief Mark Walerysiak  630-6298
Captain Glenn Milslagle             630-6298  
Captain Nick Sherwood              630-6216  
Captain Brian Elionfante                              

Neighborhood Initiative Unit
Lt. George DelMastro                            
Neighborhood Initiative Commander

Sgt. Vasco Lacerda                                
Neighborhood Initiative Supervisor

Ofc. Cary Maikranz                     630-6387             
Dutch Hill, Echo Associations

Ofc. Fred Rivera                    630-6387       
Diamond Hill, Poet's Hill, Greater So. Meriden

Ofc. Chris Griffin                    630-6387       
Action 13, Westsiders

Ofc. Kevin Ruane                    630-6387      
Lower Eastside Watchdogs

Ofc. Mike Shedlock               630-6387       
Lewis Ave, Bartlett , Grove, Windsor

Ofc. James Decrisantis         630-6387       
City Park

Ofc. Adam Kery                   630-6387           
North Meriden

Ofc. Jeff Witkin                        630-6387      

Ofc. Michael Ford                                          
City Code Enforcement Officer
Crime Prevention Officer

School Resource Officers
Platt High          Ofc. Dan Verselli                 237-7962
Maloney High   Ofc Laura Harrisom            238-2334      
Lincoln              Ofc. Tom Giannakopoulos 238-2381
Washington      Ofc.  Margaret Smusz         639-8660
Elementary Schools Ofc Ken Egan