Activities in March
Thurs 1st North Meriden                                                                                       6:30pm New Opportunities
Tues 6th Lewis Ave                                                                                                 6:30pm Mt Carmel Learning Ctr                                          
Thurs 8th Washington Park                                                                                  7pm Roger Sherman School
                Stagecoach Riders
Sun 11th Day Light Savings begins     ***Make sure to change batteries in your Smoke & CO Detectors***
Tues 13th Lower East Side………note different meeting date for March only…..7pm Meriden Public Library  
Thurs 15th Westsiders & Action 13                                                                     7pm Immanuel Lutheran Church                                
Mon 19th Crown Village & Hillside Gardens                                              7pm Crown Village Pool Meeting Rm
Tues 20th Lincoln Area & Glen Hills                                                    7pm Hunters Ambulance Training Facility
Tues 20th HAPPY SPRING!!! 1st Day of Spring!!!
Wed 21st Downtown Assoc………………note new meeting place………………..5pm Silver City Ballroom
Wed 21st Dutch Hill & ECHO                                                                                 6:30pm First Baptist Church
Thurs 22nd South Meriden Social                                                              6pm South Meriden Police Substation
Sat 24th Meriden’s St Patrick’s Day Parade……………2pm Broad St-East Main St-West Main St-Bradley Ave
Mon 26th City Park                                                                                                  7pm Mt Hebron Church  

Neighborhood Initiative Unit Update
Lt. DelMastro & Sgt. Lacerda
•        While driving your vehicle on the city streets be careful of pot holes.
•        If you see pot holes please report the location to public works so they can be cared for.
•        Amtrak will begin to run more trains in March and will use both rail lines.
•        The Meriden Health Department has a lot of programs to help the citizens of Meriden.
•        If you see suspicious persons in your neighborhood please call the police department.
•        Don't leave your vehicles running unattended outside businesses.

Car Safety & Prevention Tips
The City of Meriden like many other towns state wide is experiencing a rash of car break ins. Some simple things that you can do will help you not become a
victim of these crimes of opportunities:
•        Make sure to keep your cars locked at all times even when parked in your driveway.
•        Remove any valuable items or if in a parking lot put them in the trunk out of sight.
•        Light up your neighborhoods by leaving your outdoor light on at night.
If your car is broken in to make sure to report it to the Meriden Police Department. If the police department isn’t made aware it prevents them from being able to
put extra resources in the area to try and prevent this criminal activity from occurring.

Meriden Fire Department: St Baldrick’s Foundation Fundraiser
Some of the staff of the Meriden Fire Department will be participating in the St Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser which benefits children diagnosed with cancer.
Participants will be shaving their heads in support of this fundraiser on Saturday April 14th 2pm to 8pm at the Dwag House 999 Broad St. Those who would like
to donate to this worthy cause and support the Meriden Fire Department team can visit the website

Clearing of Sidewalks after Winter Storms                                                                                                               
As winter weather and storms are approaching per City Code the owner of any premises abutting a sidewalk needs to remove snow from the sidewalk within
12 hours after the storm. Ice needs to be removed within the space of 6hrs thereafter and during the daytime to make the sidewalk safe by removing the ice and
covering the sidewalk with sand or a similar product and renew the application as often as may be needed to keep the sidewalk safe. Your cooperation with
clearing the sidewalks is greatly appreciated!

Adopt a Fire Hydrant
If there is a fire hydrant near your property, please help the fire department by clearing the hydrant and surrounding area of snow. By doing this you can save the
fire department valuable time when responding to a fire and ultimately save a life or limit/prevent fire damage to a home.   

Meriden Police: Meet Up Spot Location for Internet Purchase & Exchanges
The Meriden Police Department has established a “Meet Up Spot” for Internet Purchase and Exchange location. The lobby of the Police Department, 50 West
Main St, can be utilized as a spot to meet for online purchases. The lobby is open 24hrs a day, 7 days per week. If you are buying items on line it is
recommended to meet in a public place. All you need to do is show up. You do not need to call or make an appointment. When you arrive, you will just need to
let the Officer at the window know that you are there to meet somebody and go about your transaction.

Prescription Drug Drop Box for Disposal of Unwanted Medications
You can dispose of unwanted or expired medications the safe and legal way. A permanent prescription drop box is available in the lobby of the Meriden Police
Dept. The drop box can be accessed 24hrs a day 7 days per week. No needles or liquid medications will be accepted. This initiative is a partnership with the
Meriden Police Department and the Meriden Healthy Youth Coalition.

City of Meriden Highway Department: Potholes  
Potholes are formed when water seeps into cracks in the pavement surface and the continual freeze-thaw cycle moves the surface of the pavement.
Unfortunately, during periods where the weather fluctuates from freezing to warm temperatures the formation of potholes is unavoidable. Spring temperatures
warm the cold pavement, melting and evaporating any frozen water. This action weakens the pavement. Traffic loosens the pavement even more, and it
eventually crumbles and pops out. The pounding of tires wears a hole in the underlying gravel and a pothole is formed. A winter of heavy snow or rain and
several freeze-thaw cycles result in a big pothole season ahead.  During winter months cold patch is used to repair potholes. The City purchased a patch truck
which has the ability to raise the temperature of the cold patch thereby creating a longer lasting patch. During the warmer months, this same vehicle is used to
maintain the temperature of hot asphalt which translates into a better patch.
If you come across a pothole it can be reported by completing a “Citizen Service Request Form” which can be found on the City of Meriden’s website: www.  

March 2018 News from the Meriden Department of Health and Human Services
165 Miller Street  *  203-630-4226  *

Meriden Senior Center
For a full list of December happenings at the Meriden Senior Center, please visit our website, click on Senior Services on the left. The
Meriden Senior Center is located at 22 West Main Street; parking is on Hanover Street.

Save the Dates!
Senior Center Open House - Wednesday, April 4 from  9:00am to 11:30am

Annual Senior Health Fair - Wednesday, May 23 from 9:00am to 11:00am

Spring Cleaning = Senior Center Donations!
As you are doing your spring cleaning please keep the Meriden Senior Center in mind.  We are looking for donations of: Crafting scissors, scrapbook supplies,
glue guns, glue, flower pots, and painting supplies. Please call Rick, Senior Center Administrator, at 203-237-0066 or email with any
questions regarding donations.

Center for Healthy Aging: Exercise Techniques for Seniors
Monday, March 12, from 10:30am to 11:15am
Learn basic tips and guidelines for proper exercise techniques. Presented by Emil Johnson, GoodLife Fitness Program Manager. This session is sponsored
by Jefferson House and is free and open to all Meriden seniors.
Opioid Abuse Prevention Discussion
March 7, 10:30-11:15am
Presented by Lea Crown, Director of Health and Human Services, and Krystle Blake, Prevention Coordinator, Rushford. They will discuss the opioid epidemic
in Meriden and what you can do to help prevent substance abuse/misuse in our community. Free and open to the public.