Activities in April
Tues 3rd Lewis Ave                                                                                                  6:30pm Mt Carmel Learning Ctr
Thurs 5th North Meriden                                                                                       6:30pm New Opportunities
Mon 9th City Budget Hearing: Public Comment Session                 5:30pm Maloney High School Auditorium
Tues 10th Lower Eastside………….note different date for April only………….7pm Meriden Public Library                                        
Thurs 12th Washington Park                                                                                 7pm Roger Sherman School
                Stagecoach Riders
Sat 14th Meriden Fire Dept: St Baldrick’s Fundraiser                              2pm-8pm Dwag House 999 Broad St
Mon 16th Crown Village & Hillside Gardens                                7pm Hillside Gardens Mtg Rm behind Apt 88                                                      
Tues 17th Lincoln Area & Glen Hills                                                   7pm Hunters Ambulance Training Facility
Wed 18th Downtown Assoc                                                                                  5pm Silver City Ballroom
Wed 18th Dutch Hill & ECHO                                                                                 6:30pm First Baptist Church
Thurs 19th Westsiders & Action 13                                                                     7pm Immanuel Lutheran Church
Sat 21st Pre-Daffodil Festival Tag Sale and Children Health & Safety Fair    9am-2pm Hubbard Park
Sun 22nd Pre-Daffodil Festival Meriden Rotary 5K Road Race                         9:45am Hubbard Park  
Tues 24th Veterans Assoc                                                                                      7pm Rushford
Thurs 26th South Meriden Social                                                              6pm South Meriden Police Substation
Sat 28th Meriden’s Daffodil Festival                                                                      10am-8pm Hubbard Park
Sun 29th Meriden’s Daffodil Festival                                                                     10am-5pm Hubbard Park
Mon 30th City Park                                                                                                    7pm Mt Hebron Church  

Neighborhood Initiative Unit Update
Lt. DelMastro & Sgt. Lacerda
•        With the warm weather coming please change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
•        Keep your car doors locked and do not leave keys in the vehicle.
•        Report any damage sidewalks to the public works department.
•        With the warmer weather be careful of pot holes and report them to the public works department.
•        With time change there should be more kids outside playing and staying out longer.
•        If you see damaged branches and trees in the parks contact Park and Rec so they can be taken care of.

Vehicle Safety Campaign: It’s 9pm….Is your vehicle locked?
Use the slogan “It’s 9pm….is your vehicle locked?” to get in the habit of locking your vehicle every night. By doing this is it reminds you to lock your vehicle and may prevent
your vehicle from being burglarized. Unfortunately, car break ins have been occurring in every community including Meriden with most occurring due to unlocked vehicles.
Don’t become a victim of this crime by securing your vehicle and removing valuables from them.  

Bulky Waste and Graffiti Reporting
If you see any bulky waste dumped or any graffiti in your neighborhood please report it to your Neighborhood Initiative Unit Officer or complete a Citizen Service Request form
on the City of Meriden Website. This helps in keeping our neighborhoods cleaner and improves the quality life of our neighbors.  

Street Light Outage Reporting   
Keep our neighborhoods safer and lit up at night by reporting any street light outages to Tanko Lighting. This company is responsible for managing the city’s street light
equipment. The process to report a street light out or any other non- emergency issue with a street light is by submitting  a service request on line at: www.tankolighting.
com/meridenmaintenance or by calling 855-201-2613.

Meriden Fire Department: St Baldrick’s Foundation Fundraiser
Some of the staff of the Meriden Fire Department will be participating in the St Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser which benefits children diagnosed with cancer. Participants
will be shaving their heads in support of this fundraiser on Saturday April 14th 2pm to 8pm at the Dwag House 999 Broad St. Those who would like to donate to this worthy
cause and support the Meriden Fire Department team can visit the website

Pre-Daffodil Festival Weekend: April 21 and 22 Hubbard Park
Meriden Daffodil Festival is having the many family fun events the weekend prior to the Daffodil Festival. Some of the planned events include: Children’s Fishing Derby, CT’s
Largest Tag Sale, Carnival Rides, Hubbard Park Charity Road Race Series and Children Health & Safety Fair. The hours are Saturday  9am to 7pm and Sunday the road race
will be at 9:45am.

Daffodil Festival April 28 and April 29 Hubbard Park
The Council of Neighborhoods will be in the Daffodil Festival Food Tent again this year making the famous “Silver City Waffle”. The proceeds of the sales raised during the
weekend will benefit the Council of Neighborhoods and the participating Neighborhood Associations. We are in need for volunteers to help out at the food booth. If anyone
would like to volunteer please contact Holly Wills at   

Council of Neighborhoods Facebook Page and Website
The Council of Neighborhoods has a Facebook page with event pictures, upcoming CON activities, neighborhood association meetings/activities that are included on the
page. Please “friend or like us” by finding us at “Meriden Council of Neighborhoods”. Also, visit our website  for the monthly neighborhood association
meetings and contact information, event pictures and upcoming city and neighborhood events.

City of Meriden Highway Department: Potholes  
Potholes are formed when water seeps into cracks in the pavement surface and the continual freeze-thaw cycle moves the surface of the pavement. Unfortunately, during
periods where the weather fluctuates from freezing to warm temperatures the formation of potholes is unavoidable. Spring temperatures warm the cold pavement, melting
and evaporating any frozen water. This action weakens the pavement. Traffic loosens the pavement even more, and it eventually crumbles and pops out. The pounding of
tires wears a hole in the underlying gravel and a pothole is formed. A winter of heavy snow or rain and several freeze-thaw cycles result in a big pothole season ahead.  
During winter months cold patch is used to repair potholes. The City purchased a patch truck which has the ability to raise the temperature of the cold patch thereby creating
a longer lasting patch. During the warmer months, this same vehicle is used to maintain the temperature of hot asphalt which translates into a better patch.
If you come across a pothole it can be reported by completing a “Citizen Service Request Form” which can be found on the City of Meriden’s website:  

April 2018 News from the Meriden Department of Health and Human Services
165 Miller Street  *  203-630-4226  *

Meriden Senior Center
For a full list of April events and activities at the Meriden Senior Center, please visit our website, click on Senior Services on the left. The Meriden
Senior Center is located at 22 West Main Street; parking is on Hanover Street.

Free Health Screening Day Provided by Southern Connecticut State University Nursing Department
Wednesday, April 18, 9:00am -11:30am
Join the student nurses in the main floor meeting room for FREE blood pressure screenings, balance testing, nutrition games, and tips for diabetes care. Anyone that gets a
screening will also be entered in a raffle.

Renters Rebate Begins April 2, 2018
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Appointments Available
The City of Meriden will start accepting applications for the State of Connecticut Renters' Rebate Program from April 2, 2018 until October 1, 2018. Call 203-237-0066 to make
an appointment.
Children’s Health and Safety Fair
A Children’s Health and Safety Fair will be held on April 21, 2018 from 10:30am – 2:30pm at Hubbard Park. Bring the family and enjoy the event! Features will include:
•        Car seat installations (pre-register by calling Stephanie at 203-630-4223)
•        Bike rodeo
•        Community CPR training
•        Amtrak train safety
•        Cyber safety
•        Amber Alert (to be confirmed)
•        Various community organizations with displays, info, and give-aways.